In our fast-paced takeoff of the popular TV show, teams have an opportunity to step up their ‘teamwork game’ by competing in various challenges to earn one of six coveted “Island Totems”.  Once in their possession, teams can use their new “Totem Power” to outwit the other teams!  Maybe it’s a 30-second head start on the next challenge - or perhaps the Monkey Totem allows them to blindfold opposing team members for the next challenge?  Anything goes in this fun and competitive teambuilding event!

To begin with the group is broken up and teams are given their “Tribal Colors’.  They must then come up with their tribe’s name and “war chant”!  After introductions are made, guidelines are set out for the teams and the competition begins.

Teams are told they are competing for one of 6 'sacred' Island Totems.  Win a challenge – pick a Totem!  Each totem has a special power that is revealed when chosen – some benefit a team, some do not.  Teams first decide whether they want to keep a totem and use its power, or pass the totem on to another team if they are getting a bad vibe!  Perhaps the team will get help an extra pair of hands for a “balancing game”, or maybe they’ll be hit with the dreaded 15-second ‘island curse'!

While there is the occasional one-on-one duel between members of opposing tribes, Tribal Survival is designed so that almost every game requires the full participation of the tribe to be successful – some games are lightly physical, while other games focus on a teams’ collective mental abilities, so no matter their individual strengths, team members will find a time to shine!

“Thanks for a great day at the beach! We had a great time playing all the games with you guys, your team really has a way of getting everyone involved, so kudos to them. Thanks for the help getting all of our stuff out to the location as well, we’re not used to carrying things over sand, ha! I’ve gotten lots of compliments from the group already, so thanks for making me look good!”

Sally D., American Honda Finance Corporation

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