TOMS shoes is known not just for being one of the trendiest shoes on the market, but also for their generous ONE FOR ONE donation program.  For every pair of TOMS shoes purchased locally, an additional pair is donated to those in need abroad.  With this event, you and your team can make a huge difference in the lives of local folks in need as well helping out globally as you embark on the TOMS shoes “Winning Brand” challenge, a fun and interactive way of giving back and teambuilding!

newTOMS4For this event each team is presented with several pairs of TOMS canvas shoes that will be donated to a local charity at the end of the event.  They are then told that their goal is to design, decorate, and brand their very own shoe line.  The shoes become their literal ‘blank canvas’ to work on.   Teams draw random ‘inspirations’ to help get the creative juices flowing, and then the brainstorming period begins where teams must come up with their unique brand idea – their version of the Nike “Swoosh” and “Just Do It”, the Converse “Star”, or Reebok’s “Get Higher” campaigns.

For the next phase – ‘design and decorate’ – teams use fabric markers, stencils, and stickers to turn their blank shoes into a consistent, cohesive brand.  No two shoes can be alike, and each pair must thematically represent the overall vision.  Once shoes are decorated, teams begin the presentation phase, where they must create a 3-minute pitch explaining why their new brand should win the day.  Visual aids, costumes, and props are provided to make sure that each team can go all out trying to convince our judges of their genius!

A representative from the local charity of your choice will then arrive to collect the shoes and thank the group for their generous donation, and act as one of our ‘celebrity’ judges as the brands are presented and scored.  This is a great event for any group, and perfect for new hires, interns, or product kickoffs where branding and presentation are the focus. 

“Thank you again for hosting and managing our event on Friday – you guys are such a pleasure to work with. As a planner, there is nothing better than knowing you are in the hands of a professional and you all are truly professionals! We will definitely keep you in mind for anything else we have coming up this year.”

Paul S., Dominos

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