2-tsWe created this event specifically after getting several requests to create a new fun idea for dinner entertainment.  But it's not a talent show - consider this your company's version of "The Tonight Show"! We start with a little opening from your CEO or managing partner who will act as the host for the night - we'll help write a monologue that's quick, hilarious, and full of inside jokes!  One of our comedy facilitators will serve as 'the Sidekick' to help keep the action moving, then our 'host' will introduce his special guests for the night. newtalent1

We will have sent out a questionnaire prior to the conference, and your guests will be amazed at the secret talents hidden among them.  Sorry though -  no Whitney Houston karaoke songs – we'll find super original talent and ‘Silly Human Tricks” among your guests, let them showcase their talent, then bring them over 'talk show style' for a few questions with the host and sidekick.  Splash in some Minute-To-Win-It games to get your different regions going head-to-head onstage you've got an awesome night.  Plus our talk show is the perfect way to move straight into your awards ceremony!

This event runs with all the bells and whistles of a real live talk show.  We’ll have cue cards for the host, spotlights, your very own theme song, sound effects, the classic talk show ‘desk and microphone’ – your dinner will be transformed into a Hollywood talk show!  No problem if you have an on-site AV crew already – we’re happy to work hand-in-hand with them.

T-MobileStageSome recent examples of some fun we had included adding an “In Memoriam” bit for 5 ‘redundant practices’ that had finally been taken out of standard practice by a big accounting firm – we could hardly hear the sad music we composed over the cheers that these practices were finally being put to rest!  We love Jimmy Fallon and like creating silly games like he does on the Tonight Show, so at a recent UPS event we brought their 4 top drivers onstage and the CEO had them practice ‘delivering’ bad jokes, ‘delivering’ bad news, and finally ‘delivering’ fake baby puppies.  Finally – we had one guy lie to us on his questionnaire and tell us he was a world-class plate spinner that formerly performed at halftime shows.  So we brought him up and gave him his pole and his plates much to his dismay – the ‘plate carnage’ that ensued was hilarious as he at least played along.

We can’t wait to customize this event for you!  Perfect for a holiday party or as a dinner event prior to your annual awards show.   Request a quote for details!

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