Ever wanted to be a member of STOMP or the Blueman Group?  Our Rhythm Republic event turns team building into ‘Beat-Building’, and your group will never be the same!  But don’t be confused – this ain’t no drum circle!  You and your team will train with Ameenah Kaplan, the award-winning Blueman Group drum coach, in a completely unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else!

Guests learn all the basics of beats and drumming from Ameenah and her crew, rocking out with their drumsticks on trash cans, paint buckets, and more!  Rhythm Republic was developed by the West Coast drum coach for the Blueman Group and Go team Events, and has proven to work even for people who think they have no rhythm at all.  Watch as your team literally starts to march to the beat of the same drum!  No more ‘trust falls’ or ‘group skis’, this is teambuilding at a whole new level!

Want to add a charitable aspect to your Rhythm Republic event?  We coordinate with a local food bank and add ‘kitchen instruments’ to the program.  It’s a fun and musical way to give pots, pans, and lots of different food items to a local shelter.

Any group, any size, any place – we have several different Rhythm Republic events to fit your needs!

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