Amazing Race

You’ve seen contestants racing around the globe on TV, now it’s your team’s turn to match wits in the ultimate Amazing Race!  Teams must solve both iPad clues and old fashioned ‘paper clues’, blending the best of technology and classic scavenger hunts.  We’ll customize a race for any city, and can even add the “Where’s Waldo” element - teams get extra points if they find your CEO or Executive Team Member along the way (we’ll provide the red-and-white striped shirt!).  At the finish line we’ll show video highlights of each team solving their clues in a hilarious wrap-up to the day! 

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Tribal Survival

In our fast-paced takeoff of the popular TV show, teams have an opportunity to step up their ‘teamwork game’ by competing in various challenges to earn one of six coveted “Island Totems”.  Once in their possession, teams can use their new “Totem Power” to outwit the other teams!  Maybe it’s a 30-second head start on the next challenge - or perhaps the Monkey Totem allows them to blindfold opposing team members for the next challenge?  Anything goes in this fun and competitive teambuilding event!

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Don’t worry if you don’t have a beach – we can do this event on a lawn or modify it for a ballroom!!  Teams must compete in a series of Olympic-style events – some a little more hardcore than others!  Teams face off in alternating rotations, so they face a new opponent every game.  Bocce Shot Put, Cornhole Archery, Home Run Derby, and the Obstacle Course are just a few of few of the events that will determine who ends up on the medal stand!  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals included!!  Call or email us to let the Games begin!

Cornhole + Volleyball = Everybody Wins

We’ve teamed up with our sister site (www.corporatebeachevents.com) to offer you a classic afternoon of cornhole and volleyball! More focused on the fun of competition than on traditional teambuilding, teams compete in the beautiful afternoon sun for dominance at volleyball and cornhole (we called it "BAGS" back home!).