Our Bike Build events are the perfect way for your group to give back to your community in a truly meaningful way, and to ‘get their game on’ as we turn the classic corporate bike build into a fun, energetic, and competitive challenge!

At the onset, groups will be divided into teams and presented with a brief event overview.  It will be explained that in addition to building bikes for a local organization (Boys and Girls Club, Ronald McDonald House, or the charity of your choice), they will also be competing to determine who the fastest and most skilled team is in our Minute-to-Win-It challenges.  While the goal is to build beautiful bikes for kids, there will also be gold, silver, and bronze medals on the line!

Teams earn points for completing challenges, and also earn bicycle parts.  While teams try to be the fastest on our challenges, there is no time limit on bicycle assembly as safety is our first priority for the kids receiving the bikes.

Some of our favorite bike build challenges are classic Minute-to-Win-It games like Speed Eraser (how many pencils can your team bounce into 5 pint glasses?) and  Oreo Face-Off (must use only face muscles to ‘twitch’ an oreo from your forehead to your mouth), plus some of our own creations like Bobsled Pedometers (pedometer step-counting relay) and Tower of Power (tinker toy tower build).

Wanna customize?  No problem!  We’re happy to design challenges using your products, or do a trivia round to reward teams who know the most about your business!

The fast pace of the games keeps the energy up, and whenever possible we arrange with the charity to bring the kids to pick up their bikes and say thank you at the end of the event.  This provides a heartwarming finale to an incredible couple of hours, as the teams’ hard work is rewarding by seeing the grateful smiles on the kids faces as they accept their brand new bicycles.

“Great great great – especially your outstanding facilitators, they got us pumped up and ready to go from the very beginning. I have been wanting to do more team building and I think you guys might have sealed the deal for me as my manager was there and got to see first hand all the good interaction people were getting. The bike build worked great just like you said, and having the kids there at the end really made it special. Like I said – great great great!”

Monica J., Morgan Stanley

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