We love the TV show Minute to Win It, and your group will love playing the fast-paced high-energy games they’ve seen on TV!  Minute to Win It takes simple household objects and turns then into awesome and hilarious challenges!

minwin2Every team is given a table as their home base, and it’s where most of their competitions against the clock will take place.  For instance – in “Speed Eraser”, teams must bounce as many pencils as they can off their erasers and into soda glasses that are lined up in the middle of the table.  How good will your aim be as the timer starts ticking down!?

Or in the all-time crowd favorite “Face Off”, an oreo cookie is placed on the forehead of a seated teammate.  Keeping their hands behind their back, they must only their facial muscles to move the cookie into their mouth!  It’s the perfect photo op as team members contort their faces to win the “Face Off”!

Other challenges are more mental in nature – in the “Scrabble” speed round, teams must line up holding their letters in the correct order to spell the longest word possible in the given category.  In “House of Cards”, teams strategize, then have 60 seconds to build the tallest card tower they can!

What we love about Minute-to-Win-It is that anyone can do the challenges – they are simple in nature and not much time is spent on “rules”.  You’ll be amazed at the new set of skills your team will display back at the office bouncing pencils and eating oreos with no hands when we’re done with them!


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