After pioneering and perfecting our Movie & Commercial Making events at our LA office, our team of producers now travels all over the nation helping teams achieve success both in front of and behind the camera.  You’ll be amazed at how your employees rally together to write, produce, direct and star in their very own Hollywood production!

moviemakingThese events are fully customizable, and we often suggest that teams include company-related information.  They can detail the benefits of a new product, use company lingo and key words, or highlight a solution to a problem using their commercial or movie as the medium.

Upon arrival each team is assigned one of our facilitators, but remember –it’s up to the team members themselves to take care of all the nuts and bolts!  For people whose inner star is ready to shine, we need plenty of actors!  For those more technically oriented, we need lots of 'behind the scenes' talent!  Writers, costume designers, boom operators, cameramen, and clapboard operators - there's a job for everyone!

After a brief introduction explaining the different tasks, guests sign up for their favorite role.  Then we send the writers from each team off to our "Writing 101" session where they are given tips on what it takes to tell a good story on film.  Each team draws a "movie style" to help get the creative juices flowing plus a matching costume bin to help them envision their final product.  Styles include 'Pirates', 'Western', 'Austin Powers', 'Star Trek' (and many more)!

While the writers are working, our actors and technical crew are guided through a fun "Film 101" session.  Crew members get to practice on their equipment while the actors take part in hilarious improv exercises in front of the cameras to get loosened up.  When the writers return with script in hand, teams are released with their facilitators to go make movie magic!

Once the teams return and the footage is turned in, our incredible editors get to work turning Hollywood dreams into reality by adding music, sound effects, and title cards.  For morning events, movies will be ready to premier that evening!  For afternoon and evening events, movies will be ready for a premier anytime the next day!  We’re happy to provide an MC for your ‘Oscar Viewing Party’, and can bring out ‘celebrity judges’ to help entertain and pick a winner.  Your executive team is welcome to join us onstage to comment on each film, and help us decide who wins the awards.

This is the perfect event for any amount of people and works best divided into teams of 8–15 people per team.  However no group is too big or too small – we’ve done it with as little as 4 people and as many as 300!  Your employees will love this event, and will be so excited when they see themselves SHINE!

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