Culinary Cook-Offs

Whether it’s a Chili Cookoff, a Pizza Making Challenge, or a Salsa/Guacamole Event, we have a culinary challenge to fit your needs!  Each of our culinary events involves not just the fun of creating a unique dish, but also an exercise in branding and promotion as every team must design a unique theme and restaurant brand to present to the judges along with their tasty dishes.  Fun food-themed games accompany the cooking to keep the mood upbeat and competitive (like competitive cucumber racing!).   

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Game Show Jamboree

Everybody loves game shows, and we’ve created the perfect event by combining everyone’s favorite game shows into one big ‘jamboree’!  We’ll play rounds of Jeopardy, Name That Tune, Minute-to-Win-It, and Family Feud so that no matter what your strength, you and your team will get the opportunity to dominate.  And if another team misses a question your team knows – don’t worry – grab your dry erase board and STEAL!  This fully customizable event is all about each team working together - complete with sound effects and video clues, it’s as close to the real thing as you can get! 

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Bust-A-Myth Team Building

Based on the popular Discovery channel show, we’ve adapted some of the most popular urban myths and turned them into a fun-filled team building activity!  Some myth-busting involves the whole group, other activities require the group to break off into smaller teams, making sure everyone gets a chance to work together with different people throughout the day.  Can you bust the myth on helium balloons moving a house by recreating the movie “Up” with a toy dollhouse, balloons, and a helium tank?  And myth has it you can only fold a piece of paper in half seven times – we give your team huge pieces of paper to try and prove them wrong!  Maybe you heard that the world record for paper airplane flying is 300ft?  Not so – your team only has to go 102 ft to break this record – who will fly farthest?!  Light on competition, big on communication, and huge on fun!  Contact us for more details!

Robot Rally Build

Are you ready to bow to your robot overlords?!  For this event you and your team will create custom robots using basic robot design kits and everyday items.  We’ll have our Robot Expert on hand to help make sure the basic structures are working and up to speed, then it’s up to each team to customize and decorate their robots.  But it’s not as easy as it sounds – teams will compete in 3 different challenges with their robot during our ‘Robot Rally” trying to earn the most points.  There’s the speed course, the strength test, and of course the final demolition derby.  So will your team choose to design a fast robot?  A strong but slow robot?  Or something in between in the hopes it will withstand some punishment in the final showdown?  A great event for novices and tech-heads alike, no prior robotic skills required.  Call or email us for more details!

Rhythm Republic

Ever wanted to be a member of Stomp! or the Blue Man Group?  Our Rhythm Republic event turns team building into ‘Beat-Building’, and your group will never be the same!  But don’t be confused – this ain’t no drum circle!  Guests learn all the basics of beats and drumming, rocking out with their drum sticks on trash cans, paint buckets, and more!  This program was developed by the West Coast drum coach for Blue Man Group and a 14-year teambuilding facilitator, and has proven to work even for people who think they have no rhythm at all.  Watch as your office literally starts to march to beat of the same drum!

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Minute to Win It

Who will be crowned the “cup stacking” champion of your office?  Who among you has the most flexible face muscles to win the ‘Face Off” Oreo cookie eating challenge??  Legends will be made as we challenge your group to a series of highly energetic, fast-paced games similar to the TV show ‘Minute-to-Win It’.  This event is a great way for team members to showcase hidden talents as they help carry their teams to victory! 

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“This Company’s Got Talent” Talk Show

We created this event specifically after getting several requests for a new fun idea for dinner entertainment. But it's not a talent show - consider this your company's version of "The Tonight Show"! We start with a little opening from your CEO or managing partner who will act as the host for the night - we'll help write a monologue that's quick, hilarious, and full of inside jokes! One of our comedy facilitators will serve as 'the Sidekick' to help keep the action moving, then our 'host' will introduce his special guests for the night - your employees! We will have sent out a questionnaire prior to the conference, and your guests will be amazed at the secret talents hidden among them.

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Project Runway

Based on the popular fashion design TV show, our Project Runway challenges your team to put a model up on the catwalk wearing a stunning outfit made of entirely ordinary materials!  Each team starts with basic materials, then competes in a few fun games to earn cash they can use to buy extra materials to finish out their outfit. Each team must use all of their creative juices to transform their ordinary materials into something hip and stylish, and a spokesperson must be ready to “present” the model and the outfit to the crowd during our closing “Runway Show”.   A great event to get your group brainstorming on branding, selling, and showcasing!  Call or email us and get your team ready to WORK IT!


The Sales Conference Face-Off

Region vs region!  Our conference “Face Off” events are designed to keep your conference or sales meeting lively and energetic as your different regions (or sales teams) compete against each other in feats of skill, agility, and teamwork!  Some challenges involve a few folks per region, while other challenges get the entire region competing in a game to take the coveted first place spot.  A scoreboard keeps track of each regions’ progress as the conference plays out, and challenges are split up throughout the day(s) to keep your crew energetic and alert for the important information that comes after our games!  Call or email us to discuss how we can help keep your meeting fun and full of energy!