Whether it’s a Chili Cook-Off, a Pizza Making Challenge, or a Salsa/Guacamole Event, we have a culinary challenge to fit your needs!  Each of our culinary events involves not just the fun of creating a unique dish, but also an exercise in branding and promotion as every team must design a unique theme and restaurant brand to present to the judges along with their tasty dishes.  Fun food-themed games accompany the cooking to keep the mood upbeat and competitive (like competitive cucumber racing)!

Teams are given aprons and chef hats, and must first write their “Chef Names” onto their hats – “Ginsu Dan” and “Chef Yelp This!” will undoubtedly add a helping hand to their team!

newcook2Regardless of their main course (chili, chicken, pizza, salsa/guac), the event starts with each team earning points they will use to buy ingredients for their dish.  Games include Competitive Cucumber Racing (which is exactly what it sounds like once we give them wheels!), Foodie Name That Tune, the Blind Taste Test, and Rigatoni Tower of Doom (teams get marshmallows and pasta then must build the tallest tower they can).

In addition to cooking a unique dish, teams must also come up with a 3-minute branding and marketing presentation for their restaurant.  They must determine who will manage the cooking side, and who will be in charge of the branding. Then - the timer starts ticking! Chefs start cooking while the marketing arm uses our production materials and prop bins to come up with the best sales pitch!

Time management is essential to this activity because teams must have their dishes completed when time expires. A random draw determines the order of the tasting, and teams give their presentations while the judges sample their dishes.

All of our Culinary Cook-Offs are wonderful, light-hearted exercises in teamwork, communication, and time management.  You’ll be amazed at how surprisingly good many of the teams' dishes turn out, and how hilarious their presentations will be. Call or email us to discuss heating things up in the kitchen with your team!

“What a great time we had – gotta be honest, I was a little surprised at how excited people got! Turns out our group is a little more competitive than I thought – thanks for keeping them motivated for the entire afternoon, your energy was great. I’d be happy to recommend you to future clients, just have them shoot me a note.”

Debra D., Boston Scientific

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