TOMS Shoes “the Winning Brand” Charity Challenge

This is one of our most popular CSR events (corporate social responsibility)!  Teams get the opportunity to showcase their marketing and branding skills while making a positive difference in the world by decorating TOMS shoes that will be donated to a local charity at the end of the event.  With TOMS One-for-One donation program, a matching donation will also be made to those in need abroad.  Teams are given several pairs of TOMS canvas shoes, and must compete to come up with the latest and greatest new shoe brand.  Then teams must fill their ‘blank canvas’ by decorating their shoes using fabric pens, stencils, glitter, and paint pens.  While each shoe must be unique, all shoes must relate to the teams overall brand theme.  Teams must present their shoe line to the judges at the end of the event, and we’ll bring out props, costumes, and presentation materials to make sure teams have everything they need to have fun and impress!  At the end of the event, a winner is chosen and a local charity representative says a few words of thanks for the generous donation.  If you are looking for an event that brings your team closer together while keeping an eye on giving back – try our TOMS charity challenge!

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Minute to Win It Bike Build Charity Event

Our Bike Build events are the perfect way for your group to give back to your community in a truly meaningful way, and to ‘get their game on’ as we turn the classic corporate bike build into a fun, energetic, and competitive challenge!  Teams earn both points and bicycle parts as they move through a series of fast-paced and exciting challenges (similar to the TV show Minute-to-Win It).  We will coordinate with a local charity or Boys and Girls Club to close the event with a heartfelt message from the charity, and oftentimes we are able to have the children who are receiving the bikes on-hand to personally thank your team. 

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Corporate CAN-Struction

If you’ve never seen CANstruction before, you simply must google some of the awesome art pieces this national charity creates out of canned food!  Now that you’ve checked them out, it’s time for your group to get in the donation spirit as you CANstruct 3-d models of some of the world’s most famous landmarks! To start, teams are given between 350 and 400 cans per team and then they randomly draw for a famous landmark (Golden Gate Bridge, Angkor Wat, Taj Majal).   A series of quick games earns them money to buy more building materials that will help round out their CANstruction.  All canned goods are donated to a local food bank, and your team goes home feeling great about their ability to work together and about their opportunity to help the community!


Operation: VETS!

Using our Game Show Jamboree as the format, teams compete in several rounds of Jeopardy, Family Feud, and Minute-to-Win It games.  After each round, teams get money based on how they score.  They then head over to the “Donation Station” where they use their cash to build care packages for veterans (our preferred charity is Wounded Warrior Project).  The better they score in each round, the bigger their care packages will be! Give us a call to discuss what charity you’d like to donate items to and we’ll get the ball rolling!


The “Give-A-Lympics”

Another perfect way for your group to donate goods to a local charity!  In the “Give-A-Lympics”, teams compete in a series of challenges where instead of points, they earn donation items.  From Rubber Chicken Slingshot to Giant Memory to Name That Tune, some games are physical, some games are mental, but all games bring out the best in your team!  At the end of the event, the team that has won the most donation items earns the gold medal.  All the items are presented to the charity representative, and your team goes home feeling great about helping out those in need!  Call or email us to ‘get your game on’! 

Mini-Golf Course “Pantry Putt” Challenge

Ready to impact you local community in a big way by helping put food on the tables of needy families?  Our Mini-Golf Course “Pantry Putt” Challenge helps your team interact in a fun way while also helping others.  Teams arrive to find they are each in charge of designing a new hole on a mini-golf course – the kicker is they can only use the materials provided, which includes lots of canned food and non-perishable items that will later be donated.  If you’ve ever wanted to putt past a windmill made of Campbell’s cans and macaroni boxes, now’s your chance!  After the course is completed, teams must putt their way through the course, trying to score the lowest number of strokes.  A great way to get your team hands-on involvement in both teamwork and community service!