“Dear Go Team – just wanted to send you a quick note to thanks for a job well done! Everyone loved the Amazing Race, people are still talking about it around the office. Who knew you could have that much fun in downtown San Diego, ha. Your team was excellent as always, on time and full of energy. Thanks again, see you next time!”

Brian W., Zimmer Technologies

amazing race picture of teamOur Amazing Races are the perfect blend of action and technology!  Teams are each given an iPad mini to start their race, and they use their iPad to record video of their progress.  Their iPad becomes their digital score card as teams must prove they have solved each puzzle by recording video of their solutions (for instance a clue may tell the team to “Take a video of your team dancing ballet with five strangers!”).

Teams must solve a blend of standard paper puzzles and iPad puzzles.  We've found that by limiting puzzles solely to the iPad, only one or two team members get to work together. Paper puzzles are easy to pass around so everyone can contribute to the teams’ success using both the power of technology and the power of the pencil!

AmazRaceDreTeams also solve clues that direct them to challenge stations along the course where they interact with our facilitators.  There they must use all their wits and skill to master a challenge to earn the most points.  These challenge stations reward teamwork and enhance the energy of the event.2-ar

There's also the "Where's Waldo" addition - if a member of your executive team  (or planning committee!) wants to play along, we'll give him or her a red and white striped shirt and Waldo glasses then send them off to wander the race course.  Teams get bonus points for answering company trivia when they find Waldo!

At the finish line, teams turn in their iPads and scores are tallied.  We’ll show three or four of the best video highlights from each team before the scores are announced for a hilarious wrap-up to the awesome adventure they just took part in.  If no AV is available at the wrap-up location, we’ll download every team’s video to a flash drive for you to distribute.  Either way, you’ll end up with all the video footage to do with as you please!

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